Feeling any better today you ask? I'm afraid not, being in bed has pretty much been my day today...Your right, it does sound fun, but it hasn't been....
Positive thinking makes you better though, right? So after dinner tonight I came and had a go at some illustration work (I keep feeling guilty for not doing any.)
Since we've got Mothers Day just around the corner and I'm obsessing about flowers at the moment I thought Daffodils were in order, and so....

flowers for web.jpg

Understated colour. What do you reckon?
I think it'll make a nice card, and be a lovely breath of fresh air against my more digital/screen printed work...
Oh oh, since I'm expanding on my card range at the moment too I ordered a book called 'I Love Stationery' which is filled with lovely examples of different processes artists use to create some beautiful cards. A really cute little book :)


Night folks,
Louise x