Rainy Days!

Well today I've been feeling a little down and it's probably linked to all of this rain and just recovering from my long weekend in London still. So I'm drinking lots of lemon and cucumber water (yum!) and getting on with paperwork instead of stressing trying to draw when I'm not in the mood...
I wanted to share with you a picture from my weekend in Covent Garden Market.. 


It was a lot of fun but SUCH a long weekend. We got up at half 4 on saturday morning and it goes on from there haha. 

This weekend though should be a little more chilled, I'm down in Liverpool for this amazing event!! 


I can't wait. Liverpool is one of my favorite cities, and I'm going to pop in to see one of my stockists as well :) Do come along if you local, and even if your not ;)

I will be sharing my submission to The Global Talent Search soon so stay tuned!! 

Louise x