Meditation - For those who don't like to meditate

Hi guys! 

I wanted to share with you this months Bootcamp work! I missed the deadline to get this up in the gallery, but I was having a lot of fun with it so continued to work on it. 
Lilla wanted us to draw people in this assignment and made it an editorial piece to accompany a magazine article about being distracted during meditation how to find your focus if you don't like doing it. 
I love meditation and most of you that follow me on twitter and things will know I go to Yoga and Pilates, and anything that means I get some head time,  so although I didn't relate directly to this article it really struck a chord with me.
Anyway here is my piece :)

I'm loving all the spring, bright clothing that is around at the moment so I really wanted to include this in my illo, plus, I still LOVE my harem pants I got in India so they HAD to feature in here too!!

Also this week I have an interview featured over the fabulous 'Made By Molu' blog with a little bit of a treat for readers too :)

Right, now back to illustrating for me !

Lou xx