Back to school!

Hello folks!
So I've got some exciting news to share with you all, I've gone back to school! :)
As an early birthday present I've started on the fantastic Lilla Rogers 'Make art that sells' course, it all ties in perfectly with the AOI event I visited in London a week or too ago based on image licensing. I now know what direction I need to be heading in and the course run by Lilla is helping me to get there. (Fingers crossed!) 


It's just been 2 weeks of the course and although I was away for the first week the whole thing is already so so inspirational, the classroom is FULL to the brim of talented and supportive creatives and I just love being a part of that.
I never want it to end!
Each week of the course focuses on a different area of the market and this weeks has been Home Decor, we were set an assignment to use a more modern take on floral and translate it into a circular plate design. 
To begin with I began with LOTS of sketches and drawings using different materials, here's a teeny snippet...


I started with inks and pencils and brush pens because I didn't want to get too bogged down with colour, instead focusing on the shapes of seed pods and unusual shapes.
I then scanned in and played around ALOT on the computer with them (I think me and Illustrator are slowly becoming friends)
and I wanted to share with you some final plates and what a collection might look like....:)

plate mock up for blog.jpg
sample collection for blog.jpg

Squee! What do you think??
I had such fun with this assignment, and I can wait to start this weeks work...Picture books! 
I'm still messing around with plates so some more might sneak in ;)
Louise x