Art Market Holmfirth

Make Art That Sells Week 3 & Art Market!


Well it has been a super busy week! And as ever I've promised I will do a blog post about it and so I've taken 5 mins away from all of the work with my cup of tea to reflect...
First up, week three of Lilla's course! Picture Books!
The mini assignment was to draw snails and practice hand lettering of 'The snail and the rose tree'. Wanting to get stuck in and not have to worry about the big assignment until Wednesday I (like most other people in the class) did not rush out to go read the story. Instead we focused on drawing snails, and some veryyyy cute snails were appearing in the facebook group! 
I had never really thought to draw snails before and so this was a bit of a challenge for me, and also you know how fond I am of my dot eyes on my characters, lilla said there was to be none of that, eyes needed to connect with the children reading it.


- A few cheeky photo's of my sketchbook!
Then Wednesday rolled around and the big assignment was set - to illustrate a front cover or inside spread for 'The snail and the rose tree' and the text was provided.
My god it was a tough first read, I think it shocked us all a little bit. Lilla urged us to interpret it in whatever way we liked and suited our styles. 
During this project I had told myself I wasn't going to use photoshop but instead go back to my collage style and work with that. I didn't have very long due to other commitments that weekend (The art market) so I got stuck in. Stopped. Freaked out. Started again, created a double page spread. Looked on the facebook group at all of the amazing work that was being produced. Started again!
It was a stressful week for me because it took me such a long time to get over the initial challenge that the text set.
In the end this is what I submitted to the flickr group (and Lilla reviewed it in her video of the works!! - I feel so honored!)


It's something I will be coming back to after the course to have another look at though!

Now, last weekend I was of course at the Art Market in Holmfirth, a market I've heard a lot about from other traders, and one supporting affordable art. I took 100% original work with me in the end, I never really get the chance to do that so I couldn't resist! ;)
I wanted to make my (3 meter!!) stand look as good as possible and so I got hold of some wood for the sides so I could hang artwork from them too!
Turns out painting that took forever, and it rained outside so I had to do it inside haha (I do have some bright ideas don't I?)

20130620_170555 (1).jpg

So, wood all painted, car loaded we set off Saturday afternoon down the market, set up and traded between 8-10pm.
The venue was lovely, as were all the people who stopped and chatted to me!
Here is a photo of my stand :)


Can you spy some originals in there?
Early Sunday morning we came back to the fair (I say early, it was 10am so late for me!) ready for a full days trading and I had a commendation waiting for me on my stall!!
I didn't see it to begin with haha, another trader had to point it out to me- It really made my day so thankyou Victoria at the Art Market for making me feel so welcome! Also its really nice that all the effort I put into getting set up got noticed and appreciated.


All in all the Art Market was just lovely to attend and I will be applying for the November one so I might be back you never know Holmfirth ;)
I was also interviewed because of my award so watch out for that beauty! haha. Never was any good at having my photo taken let alone being filmed!! 
I have new work to share with you too but this is a very long blog post so I'll wrap it up here tonight and I'll be back soon :)

Louise x