Make Art That Sells Week 5 (final week!!)

Hello hello!
As you may know last week was the final assignment for MATS (sad face!) but Lilla was determined that we should go out with a bang! The mini threw me a little (a lot) this week,  Lilla told us to document a collection of ours. Now I don't really collect much that I could use so I put off doing it which was silly because I didn't have the full week to work on it since I was taking a much needed weekend off to celebrate my birthday!
The main assignment came round and to be honest I freaked out about this one a little bit. Aimed at the Gift market we were to create a 'hyper lush' zipper pouch design!!
I've never really thought of my work as hyper lush and lots of the examples showed use of real flowers in there and these beautiful, busy works. I felt really out of my depth....
Not leaving myself enough time to play I started working on something I wasn't having all that much fun with but I didn't have enough time to throw away and restart and I really didn't want to not submit for the final week!
So I'm going to show you what I submitted and I'm doing this with my new found confidence from the course, I'm showing you art I don't like!
Based on my little collection of elephants bought back from India..


There it is!
I put it out of my mind for the weekend but when Monday rolled around I knew I had to go back and make it better haha.
So I started again from scratch and had fun with the work I was creating and it's amazing what a difference it made to how I felt! Fun art!!
So here is my new hyper lush design based on my small collection of animal figures dotted around my desk.
What do you think? :)

hyper lush.jpg

I've not long watched the final video from the course and I'm sad and elated at the same time, I feel like a different person for doing it and my work feels very different too, very sad to be done on my little journey though.
Into the big wide world for me now! 

Louise x