yellow and pink

Make Art That Sells Week 4

Hello hello!
Well it's been a SUPER busy busy week! Week 4 of Lilla's course was all about wall art, something I've never really done before, we were told to crack out the collage collection and only focus on using two colours which were allocated by star sign.
My star sign is Cancer (yep, it's my birthday next weekend!) and so my colours were pink and yellow......yeah I thought the same too, don't feature very heavily in my work do they?
Anyway, I had SO MUCH fun with this assignment, I cracked out the paint, bought some canvases and it was just such a weight off my shoulders not to worry about the final outcome so much and enjoy the process. As Lilla tells us - 'People buy your joy'..
For the first part of the week I worked on two pieces to loosen up as it were...

fox and balloon.jpg

This was my first attempt, but Lilla has specified that the piece was abstract, and I didn't really feel that this was abstract enough.. 

left hand sideweb.jpg

I began to settle into the assignment and it was after this piece I went out and bought some canvases, how could I not?? :) I was having far too much fun!

small canvas.jpg

I worked on 3 canvases simultaneously. One I still haven't scanned yet, but here is the smaller one and then the one I submitted to the Flickr group is next!


What do you think??
I had so much fun in this weeks assignment, so you never know more canvases might be creeping into the house... ;)

Louise x