Bootcamp With Lilla Rogers

Hello hello, 

The first assignment is handed in for Bootcamp and I thought I'd share a few thoughts. On the last year...
For those of you that don't know I took Lilla Rogers 'Make Art That Sells' part A last July, that coupled with the seminar from the AOI on the art of licensing last spring changed the way I worked completely. (And the way I thought - I didn't even know that licensing was a thing before this!!)
In the last year I have gone from working very traditionally, completely clueless about digital art and how to do it, to almost all digital!
It has been a huge learning curve for me and I'm still learning. I try and create texture in my work still so it isn't just a flat digital image. I still find it pretty time consuming and I struggle with picking colour on the computer with the ease I do with collage and paints.
I still start everything off with my pencil and my sketchbook and explore ideas before taking the final one into the computer.
With the way I work changing, the images I create have also changed a lot, I think my work now is much more commercial then it was even that year ago, which it needs to be for me to venture into licensing and picture books.

I just find it crazy to think of all that has happened in a year!

Anyway, back to Bootcamp! 
Lilla (inspiring as ever) first set us a 'mini' which was to draw lots of different kinds of cuckoo clocks! I have never drawn a cuckoo clock before, plus I was really busy this first week so I shyed away from starting the assignment for a little while, but when I finally started I don't know why I was worried! Cuckoo clocks are such fun! 

A small preview of some of my sketch work.

A small preview of some of my sketch work.

Next came the announcement we were making phone cases based on our cuckoo clock ideas! I've never designed for a phone case before so this was pretty fun! 
I didn't want to just have the clock on the case though - I couldn't think of ways to make it fun ENOUGH to carry the whole case. (Others in the class really did !!)
Plus I'm suddenly crazy about drawing characters since working on my publishing portfolio, so I went with a crazy idea of a girl being part of the cuckoo clock! So yes, here she is....
Let me know what you think!


I'm super glad to be immersed back into 'Lilla land' where there is this awesome supportive community and all this inspiration! 
To see the gallery which is now live just click here! Enjoy :)
Louise x