amelia earhart

Inspirational women series.

Hi guys,

So if you follow me in Instagram (@louillustrator) then you'll already know that I've started a weekly series about inspirational women. Every Friday I'll be posting an illustration and a little bit an inspirational lady.
I'm looking at ladies of the past, and hoping to be able to cover modern day ladies too --hit me up if you have any suggestions :)

Today was Amelia Earhart --

Amelia Earhart by Louise Wright

Amelia was born in 1897 and after boarding her first plane in 1920 she fell in love with the idea of flying.
In 1923 Amelia became the 16th woman to receive her pilots license.
Amelia was the first woman ever to fly solo across the Atlantic, and the first person to fly solo across the pacific! ✈✈✈✈✈
Fun facts:
✈Amelia's first plane was bright yellow and she nicknamed it 'The Canary'
✈During her flight across the Pacific Amelia enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate 💛 

Happy weekend everyone, I hope you go into it inspired and wanting a hot chocolate ;)
L x