Inspirational women series.

Hi guys,

So if you follow me in Instagram (@louillustrator) then you'll already know that I've started a weekly series about inspirational women. Every Friday I'll be posting an illustration and a little bit an inspirational lady.
I'm looking at ladies of the past, and hoping to be able to cover modern day ladies too --hit me up if you have any suggestions :)

Today was Amelia Earhart --

Amelia Earhart by Louise Wright

Amelia was born in 1897 and after boarding her first plane in 1920 she fell in love with the idea of flying.
In 1923 Amelia became the 16th woman to receive her pilots license.
Amelia was the first woman ever to fly solo across the Atlantic, and the first person to fly solo across the pacific! ✈✈✈✈✈
Fun facts:
✈Amelia's first plane was bright yellow and she nicknamed it 'The Canary'
✈During her flight across the Pacific Amelia enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate 💛 

Happy weekend everyone, I hope you go into it inspired and wanting a hot chocolate ;)
L x

Big News Time!!

Hi guys,

Ahhh the sunshine is currently warming my back in the studio as our little English heat wave continues -- honestly, this weather is all I need :D

Now in case you haven't already seen the image below news is that I am now represented by the wonderful Plum Pudding illustration agency!! Whoop Whoop.
I'm so very excited and really looking forward to the next step in my illustration career!

Corgi plum pudding announcement

They have published a little interview with me which you can read just here.
I really hope you enjoy having a read and I can't wait to share more news with you soon.

Lou xx

January Round Up

As this is the last week of January and I'm immersing myself into more new card designs ready to launch at PG Live I thought I'd share with you some of the new illustration work I've created this month.
I've been pushing my development in between commissions and I'm really grateful I've had the chance to do this as my portfolio feels refreshed and ready and for the new year.
Here is a selection of fiction, educational and commercial work :)

I've been a busy bee this month.
I have lots to share (including the upcoming REBRAND of LWD!!) so I'll be posting again very soon! :)

Lou xx

A little reflection

Hi everyone, 
So this year I've been super bad at updating my blog, and this is something I'm aware of and so I'm trying to put together a schedule to make sure I post more and share some interesting things with you, not just about me all the time :)

So first up, is there anything you'd like me to cover more of, perhaps do a post answering some questions on? Just let me know!

I wanted to share how I've been feeling recently, and with my 25th birthday fast approaching (sob) I realised this last few weeks that I've never felt more content and happy.
I'm now working for myself full time, and yes, I am still broke and the money pretty much goes back into the business, but its starting to work - thanks to you lovely people who all believe in me too.
I'm maintaining a much better work/social life and as per my new years resolution I am trying more new things and taking more spontaneous breaks!
It's funny really because goals I set for myself just two years ago I'm smashing! So I'm in the process of re-evaluating and setting new goals, and that feels good to know, and to say.

Being a freelancer is hard, I won't lie and I'm in tears sometimes and can't stop grinning other times! Luckily I have my lovely boyfriend who helps me out so very much is very good at leveling me out when I go off on one.
A huge thankyou to everyone that has supported my little business and me so far in my journey, we've got a long way to go together yet but we will sure get there :)

holiday snap

This is a little snap of me from our little break in Fuerteventura last week, it was a very much needed, blissful holiday and we got to do some really fun things - after a weekend of insane deadlines it was just what the doctor ordered.

I have also been working on looooads of new work that I'm not allowed to show anyone for the time being, but here are some illo's that I don't think you've seen yet :)

This wee fellow was to cheer myself up between hard deadlines :)

This wee fellow was to cheer myself up between hard deadlines :)

I have lots up my sleeve for this year and with proper planning I hope that I can pull it off :)

Lou x

Global Talent Search Round 2!

Well the weekend has passed, I have drank wine and recovered from my uber busy week last week!
And now I'm ready to share my GTS entry for round 2 with you guys! I was super busy in the run up to this and so I didn't get as long as I would've liked to spend on this but it doesn't matter, I still had fun with it.
The brief was to create a design that could be used on a tote bag to be sold at a farmers market that involved fall/autumn activities in one way or another. 
This one took me a while to get my head around, autumn for me means, jumpers, walks through the colourful woodland and bonfire night. (It's my favorite season!)
I knew that I didn't want to do anything too obvious and so started drafting out some sketches, then this one happened.....


(Sorry about the image quality, I draw quite loosely and lightly in my sketchbook.)
This one for me was all about the joy of Autumn, and when I'm outside this is how happy I feel inside. There is nothing I like more then a big cosy scarf and cardigan too!
This was the one!
Then I couldn't decide what colours to use either, I played around with darker colours... 


I was in love with this palette for a while but I just couldn't imagine it on a tote bag and I just wasn't 100% on it. I tried a dark purple background but that wasn't meant to be either.
And I also had a lot of playing with composition to get text in, not to mention I was trying to pick between the phrase of 'Dance amongst the leaves' and 'Love Autumn'. Here's one tried and failed attempt at that...


At this point I went away from the computer and hid for a while because I was struggling to see past the brown background but knew I didn't like it.
Then after lots of tea and tweaking my entry was finally we go!


So as you can see, I lightened the palatte,  changed the text and added a few more bits here and there :)

After spending time away from this I can say that I love it and I'm happy with it no matter what the outcome of this next round. Sure I'll be a little disappointed if I don't make it through but I've seen some of the other entries and they are stunning. Everyone has worked so so hard and I want to extend a good luck to each one of you!

In this semi-final round the final 5 will be picked by a panel of judges and the 6th finalist will be chosen by the public vote. The public gallery opens for voting on the 3rd September until 9th September and the results will be announced on 10th September!! So if I hope you'll vote for my entry when the time comes and for now I just have to try and forget about it and not stress ;)

Louise x

Best Friends

The idea of best friends and giving cards and prints for those closest to us has been playing on my mind for a while now. Do you show your best friend how much they mean to you? Do they know? 
With this in mind, I created this illustration that you saw a sneaky peek of earlier today :) This will be working it's way onto some new cards soon, and maybe a print. Maybe one you can add a personalised message too, what do you think?

Louise x