Meet Haku! My Border Collie Puppy

Back last summer something pretty special happened and just incase you missed all the photo's on my instagram and tweets and general excitement on my part- We got a puppy!!
I've grown up with Border Collies and I've wanted my own dog for such a long time so when my other half slipped into a conversation with some friends the words 'we would probably have time for a dog now' he came home from work the next day to around 15 tabs open on my computer showing him all the puppies in the local area.

This was Haku when we first went to see him. We went back the next day to collect him.

This was Haku when we first went to see him. We went back the next day to collect him.

I really love dogs and the fact that you can create this bond with an animal and they don't care how you look, what you wear or what you say. They only want love and looking after and they love you so whole heartedly in return. 
It's been a little dream of mine that I'll be working from home, with a lovely doggy companion and we'll be able to go for long walks together, and not have that stress that comes sometimes with other people -- A bit sappy I know.

Unfortunately things did not go exactly to plan, a few days after we bought Haku home he got really sick, couldn't keep any food whatsoever in and eventually stopped eating altogether. Being such a young puppy this was not good news and we spent every day in and out of vets, no-one could tell us what was wrong with him other then it was probably just a bug and hopefully it would pass so we opted for giving him some time to see if it was just a bug and it would pass over.
He was so weak, he would just go outside onto the grass and lie in a corner of the lawn and not move.
It was heart breaking, neither of us could work or sleep, and think straight.
It only got worse we had to go to the emergency vets one night as he hadn't eaten for around 3 days, barely drank and he just stopped responding to us. He got injected with a fluid boost and we were sent home again, all we could do was wait.
After just over a week the vets suggested he may of eaten a pebble or something that had blocked up inside of him and if still no better the next day it would be x-rays and perhaps an operation. 
Of course we had no insurance since he hadn't been able to have nay of his jabs yet so all the costs soon mounted up and the vet advised the costs of those procedures would be £600+ so not only were we sick with worry about Haku, it was about whether we could afford to carry on.

Then..that same night, around Midnight, Haku took some food from one of us! It was a small miracle and we still had to be careful incase he took too much and it upset him again, but he was very much on the road to recovery!

Boder Collie puppy2

Good news! He made a full recovery and after such a horrible week and a bit, we suddenly realised we very much had a puppy on our hands! 
Boy was it hard work!! 
We were setting alarms for every 2-3 hours throughout the night so we could take him out, cleaning up poo and wee, washing so much bedding, and of course, lots of saying 'leave that, no and not that!' 
I won't lie, I'd forgotten how much hard work having a puppy is.

After around week 12 things started to get more 'normal' Haku had learnt to go outside, so no more accidents indoors, he knew what to chew and what not to chew, and was well on the way with his training.

Border Collie Ears

Having Haku has made such a positive impact on my day to day life. I have to get out and take him for a walk every day meaning exercise, he doesn't allow for those stormy moods to last for long and he still does the bum wiggle when he says hello to me!

Those silly big ears :D

Those silly big ears :D

Haku is now 8 months old, and we still have a little way to go on the *training front, but we are getting there :) Lots more adventures await for our little family! 

Walk times

Lou xx

*For training we used 2 great books - The complete puppy and dog care which is a great book, covers what dog breed would be right for you, toys, crates all the way through to training walkthroughs.
The Culture Clash A brilliant (if a little wordy) book on dog training, the mentality dogs have and how we perceive it. Includes some great tips, like a list of all things you need to dog to see before he is considered 'socialised' , rainy day games, training exercises and so much more.



Well it sure has been a while hasn't it? 

I've got a lot of lovely stuff to share with you, but for now, let me leave you with a peek at one of new card ranges, I intend to be more active on the old blog and share some more tips and progress, promise ;)

This is one of the new cards that is going to from part of a 'Chalkboard' range, can't wait to share more!!

L xx

Meditation - For those who don't like to meditate

Hi guys! 

I wanted to share with you this months Bootcamp work! I missed the deadline to get this up in the gallery, but I was having a lot of fun with it so continued to work on it. 
Lilla wanted us to draw people in this assignment and made it an editorial piece to accompany a magazine article about being distracted during meditation how to find your focus if you don't like doing it. 
I love meditation and most of you that follow me on twitter and things will know I go to Yoga and Pilates, and anything that means I get some head time,  so although I didn't relate directly to this article it really struck a chord with me.
Anyway here is my piece :)

I'm loving all the spring, bright clothing that is around at the moment so I really wanted to include this in my illo, plus, I still LOVE my harem pants I got in India so they HAD to feature in here too!!

Also this week I have an interview featured over the fabulous 'Made By Molu' blog with a little bit of a treat for readers too :)

Right, now back to illustrating for me !

Lou xx

A little reflection

Hi everyone, 
So this year I've been super bad at updating my blog, and this is something I'm aware of and so I'm trying to put together a schedule to make sure I post more and share some interesting things with you, not just about me all the time :)

So first up, is there anything you'd like me to cover more of, perhaps do a post answering some questions on? Just let me know!

I wanted to share how I've been feeling recently, and with my 25th birthday fast approaching (sob) I realised this last few weeks that I've never felt more content and happy.
I'm now working for myself full time, and yes, I am still broke and the money pretty much goes back into the business, but its starting to work - thanks to you lovely people who all believe in me too.
I'm maintaining a much better work/social life and as per my new years resolution I am trying more new things and taking more spontaneous breaks!
It's funny really because goals I set for myself just two years ago I'm smashing! So I'm in the process of re-evaluating and setting new goals, and that feels good to know, and to say.

Being a freelancer is hard, I won't lie and I'm in tears sometimes and can't stop grinning other times! Luckily I have my lovely boyfriend who helps me out so very much is very good at leveling me out when I go off on one.
A huge thankyou to everyone that has supported my little business and me so far in my journey, we've got a long way to go together yet but we will sure get there :)

holiday snap

This is a little snap of me from our little break in Fuerteventura last week, it was a very much needed, blissful holiday and we got to do some really fun things - after a weekend of insane deadlines it was just what the doctor ordered.

I have also been working on looooads of new work that I'm not allowed to show anyone for the time being, but here are some illo's that I don't think you've seen yet :)

This wee fellow was to cheer myself up between hard deadlines :)

This wee fellow was to cheer myself up between hard deadlines :)

I have lots up my sleeve for this year and with proper planning I hope that I can pull it off :)

Lou x

Bootcamp With Lilla Rogers

Hello hello, 

The first assignment is handed in for Bootcamp and I thought I'd share a few thoughts. On the last year...
For those of you that don't know I took Lilla Rogers 'Make Art That Sells' part A last July, that coupled with the seminar from the AOI on the art of licensing last spring changed the way I worked completely. (And the way I thought - I didn't even know that licensing was a thing before this!!)
In the last year I have gone from working very traditionally, completely clueless about digital art and how to do it, to almost all digital!
It has been a huge learning curve for me and I'm still learning. I try and create texture in my work still so it isn't just a flat digital image. I still find it pretty time consuming and I struggle with picking colour on the computer with the ease I do with collage and paints.
I still start everything off with my pencil and my sketchbook and explore ideas before taking the final one into the computer.
With the way I work changing, the images I create have also changed a lot, I think my work now is much more commercial then it was even that year ago, which it needs to be for me to venture into licensing and picture books.

I just find it crazy to think of all that has happened in a year!

Anyway, back to Bootcamp! 
Lilla (inspiring as ever) first set us a 'mini' which was to draw lots of different kinds of cuckoo clocks! I have never drawn a cuckoo clock before, plus I was really busy this first week so I shyed away from starting the assignment for a little while, but when I finally started I don't know why I was worried! Cuckoo clocks are such fun! 

A small preview of some of my sketch work.

A small preview of some of my sketch work.

Next came the announcement we were making phone cases based on our cuckoo clock ideas! I've never designed for a phone case before so this was pretty fun! 
I didn't want to just have the clock on the case though - I couldn't think of ways to make it fun ENOUGH to carry the whole case. (Others in the class really did !!)
Plus I'm suddenly crazy about drawing characters since working on my publishing portfolio, so I went with a crazy idea of a girl being part of the cuckoo clock! So yes, here she is....
Let me know what you think!


I'm super glad to be immersed back into 'Lilla land' where there is this awesome supportive community and all this inspiration! 
To see the gallery which is now live just click here! Enjoy :)
Louise x

Sneaky Peek

So if you follow me on twitter/facebook you'll know that last week me and the amazing Holly Booth hooked up to drink tea and take some photo's of my brand NEW products! 
They launched at Spring Fair a week or too back, and they will be at BCTF in April too :D
So although all the photo's haven't been edited yet Holly dropped me a cheeky little look at a couple of pics this morning!
I'm too excited not to share so, here's our little peek! :)


See? Isn't it exciting!!
Look forward to showing the range off when they are ready - Not long to wait now :D
Louise x

p.s. Here is a little behind the scenes shot of Holly in the studio :)

small h.jpg

A Long Overdue Update!

I'm sorry I've been so quiet over here! So much has happened over the last few months it's been a little bit of a whirlwind! 
Christmas and new year were excellent, and super busy for me, I then managed to sneak in a little skiing break to Scotland which was very much needed and it blew/rained and snowed away some of the cobwebs and got some fresh ideas flowing.
I am notoriously bad at taking photo's but here are my ski's! :)


Then I caught up with some figures and made some big business decisions about which directions I will be pushing the business in 2014. I have decided that I will no longer be offering screen printed tote bags for now, and tea towels are going to have a dabble in the digital printing world to see how we get on.
I will be launching new ranges of prints and cards at Spring Fair NEC (which is next week!) as well as a spruce of the logo and condensing my illo website and this into one. 
So, I've just about caught my breath and then I'm running headfirst into the world again!
Here's a little sneaky peek at one of my new everyday cards...

fox and tree.jpg

And now I'm off to bed, but now I've started the blog again for the year I promise to carry on posting ;)

Louise x

New Work

I wanted to share some new work I've been doing for Bright lately :) Get your Christmas hats on folks! 

robins on branch card.jpg
Bauble card.jpg
wellies and robins.jpg

So you can see why I've been so quiet right?
Would love to hear your thoughts on these! :) 
Louise x

Holidays are coming


It's all been very busy over at the HQ but I can sneak in a quick blog post right ;)
I wanted to share with you my 100% recycled Christmas cards, all designed and illustrated by me of course, they are provided with a 100% recycled envelope and biodegradable packaging of course. 
It's all about the penguins this Christmas!

(click image to go through to the shop)

Card Pack of 8 cards £12

Individual Penguin Cards £2.50

snowman building2.jpg

So that's this years cards, I've got some pretty exciting things up my sleeve for the business so stay tuned! :)

Louise x

Big News!

Hello hello!

So i announced this via social media yesterday but I thought it only right I did a blog post for those who might of missed it...*drum roll*....I am now officially being represented by Bright Art Licensing!  This is huge news for me, and I'm so happy to be taking this next step in my creative journey, who knows whats around the corner?! :D


In other news I've also been taking Mati Rose's fabulous 'Daring Adventures In Paint' course which has allowed me to have the courage to start painting again, so while my illustration work has been getting more and more digital it's funny that it should also be getting more and more experimental and messy outside of the computer ;)
Here's a little peek at my studio during one of my painting sessions -  


I will share some finished paintings with you soon ;) But if you'd like to see them sooner then I will be showing them this weekend at Three Counties Showground, Malvern! :)

Louise x

Animated Cards!

Hello everyone!

Sorry it's been a little while, it's all been super busy on my end getting sorted for Christmas and whatnot :)
First of all, I wanted to say A HUGE THANKYOU to everyone that voted for me in the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. Unfortunately I didn't make it through to the next round, but keep your eyes peeled because I'm going to be doing a lovely Christmas giveaway to say a proper thankyou to everyone for their support!

I don't know if you've seen but the lovely folk over at Jeego have been animating some of my illustrations up for E Cards. Here is a lovely one made using my Elephant and Penguin illustration.



Louise x

Screen Printing Process Video


I've been meaning to share a video with you showing you into my screen printing process a little :) Here is me printing some of the Summer Deer tote bags a week or two ago!
(I filmed this on my phone hence why it's only small)

This is the first time I've done anything like this so be kind :) 
This was filmed at Green Door Studio in Derby and the music is Jenny Owen Youngs.

This is how the Summer Deer bags looked when they are finished-

I screen print with water based inks which makes them eco-friendly, and all of my cotton is organic and fair trade too! 
All for only £8! (Click on the image if you'd like to go to my shop.)

I also re-designed all of my packaging this month too so when you order something from me or one of my stockists it'll be poshly packaged! Here's a little peek of my tea towels looking all swanky! 

tea towel packaging together.jpg

Louise x

Global Talent Search Round 2!

Well the weekend has passed, I have drank wine and recovered from my uber busy week last week!
And now I'm ready to share my GTS entry for round 2 with you guys! I was super busy in the run up to this and so I didn't get as long as I would've liked to spend on this but it doesn't matter, I still had fun with it.
The brief was to create a design that could be used on a tote bag to be sold at a farmers market that involved fall/autumn activities in one way or another. 
This one took me a while to get my head around, autumn for me means, jumpers, walks through the colourful woodland and bonfire night. (It's my favorite season!)
I knew that I didn't want to do anything too obvious and so started drafting out some sketches, then this one happened.....


(Sorry about the image quality, I draw quite loosely and lightly in my sketchbook.)
This one for me was all about the joy of Autumn, and when I'm outside this is how happy I feel inside. There is nothing I like more then a big cosy scarf and cardigan too!
This was the one!
Then I couldn't decide what colours to use either, I played around with darker colours... 


I was in love with this palette for a while but I just couldn't imagine it on a tote bag and I just wasn't 100% on it. I tried a dark purple background but that wasn't meant to be either.
And I also had a lot of playing with composition to get text in, not to mention I was trying to pick between the phrase of 'Dance amongst the leaves' and 'Love Autumn'. Here's one tried and failed attempt at that...


At this point I went away from the computer and hid for a while because I was struggling to see past the brown background but knew I didn't like it.
Then after lots of tea and tweaking my entry was finally we go!


So as you can see, I lightened the palatte,  changed the text and added a few more bits here and there :)

After spending time away from this I can say that I love it and I'm happy with it no matter what the outcome of this next round. Sure I'll be a little disappointed if I don't make it through but I've seen some of the other entries and they are stunning. Everyone has worked so so hard and I want to extend a good luck to each one of you!

In this semi-final round the final 5 will be picked by a panel of judges and the 6th finalist will be chosen by the public vote. The public gallery opens for voting on the 3rd September until 9th September and the results will be announced on 10th September!! So if I hope you'll vote for my entry when the time comes and for now I just have to try and forget about it and not stress ;)

Louise x

Stockist News & Talent Search!

Hello hello! 

I've just realised I haven't shared my good news with you guys on my blog (it has been all over my social media though so I'm sure you've seen!) .....I made it into the top 50 in the Global Talent Search!!
The blog post with my journal entry is just below. This was such a huge surprise when I woke up and with sleepy eyes scrolled through the final 50, and wait...was that one near the bottom mine?! Oh my god! 
This is a huge deal, there were over 1,500 entries and from over 30+ countries, I still can't quite believe it. If you click on the little icon below it'll take you to the blog post with all the top 50 in it.



So, the next brief has been sent out and today is the first day I've got time to get started on it, cross your fingers for me! I'll keep you all posted with progress :)

In other news I have quite a few new stockists to announce but up first about a month ago my work got accepted into the beautiful Emporium Art Gallery in Lichfield!!
They are now stocking a selection of my original mixed media pieces and screen prints!
I'm so pleased about it, and it's a very calming wonderful gallery that is perfect for my work so I'm hoping things will do well in there :)
Here's a little pic of some pieces in there..

louise wright 001.JPG

I have some more new stockists to announce over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled and if you are interested in becoming a stockist of Louise Wright Design then feel free to drop me an email

Louise x

Global Talent Search


I've been dawdling around with my GTS entry and not posting it, purely because I've seen some of the entries to this competition and they are stunning! 
But it is time!!
Basically the brief was to create a journal cover for Paperchase using inspiration from vintage playground imagery.
What a struggle I had with this! It took me over a week to bite the bullet and get drawing, and far longer to begin to get something I liked.
(I banned myself from woodland animals for this too, nothing like a challenge ;) )
I'm really pleased with how it came out, and who ever thought there would be a unicorn in my portfolio!?

journal for blog.jpg

And here is how I presented it for the competition! 


I would love to know what you think, and eeeek the final 50 get announced soon, there is a teeny tiny chance I might be in there, right?

Louise x

Summer Arts Market Roundup!

So last weekend I was down in Liverpool for the Summer Arts Market!!
Getting up Saturday morning at 5.30ish wasn't all that much fun, but we were soon on the road, with a rather full car on our way to Liverpool! 
Liverpool is one of my favorite cities, I see it as a mini London but even nicer, and I do love being near the sea! 
We arrived outside St Georges Hall with plenty of time (for a change) and uploaded and set up. Gosh it's lovely in there isn't it? I've never been in before and it was just spectacular with those high decorative ceilings and stained glass windows telling stories....Here are a few photo's from the day, I didn't take enough as usual but there are some!
The standard of work there was really high and it was hard not to spend a fortune...


Now I don't want to ramble tooo much but I met some wonderful creatives this weekend the highlights being  -
The lovely Katherine Caldwell who creates organic and eco-friendly children's and babies clothing. Not to mention beautiful prints and cards! Head over to her site to see more :)


Next up the wonderfully talented Becka Griffin!  She uses watercolour and ink, and drawings to create her prints and greetings cards.
At the end of Sunday we did a little card swap with, everyone knows I'm a sucker for dinosaurs!! 
Next time I'll hopefully have enough money to buy the print! :)


Then there was Rachael Mcgreal of Bird House Press (what an amazing website!) who is a fellow screen printer with an array of beautiful work to show! We had quite a natter about screen printing but that is a given, right? ;)
Below is one of my favorites from her range of work!


And last but certainly not least there was the amazing Lyndsey Green who is also a fellow lover of foxes and all things woodland! I had to treat myself to one of her little notebooks, just too nice not to!!


There was so much more loveliness at the market but these were just my personal highlights. The whole thing was run amazingly well, the stands everyone did were amazing and I just hope I can get into the Christmas one!
*fingers crossed*
Louise x